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HDvid Codec Lite Pack 3.2.2
on 11 March 2013, reviewed by: Arslan

HDvid codec pack is a SOB !!

This Baby is so fast , light , and it runs almost everything. No way ho zay any other media player could match it. HDvid lite ROCKS from the very first day it was launched. I love it !!!

HDvid Codec Lite Pack 3.2.2
on 27 February 2013, reviewed by: Susan

Have used HDvid codec pack for long time, and LOVED IT!! The audio randomly starts being slightly off from the video in pretty much every format that I use.

I've gone to options, but any tweak I do only fixes the problem for a few seconds...then it's like a badly dubbed movie again, the lips are moving, but the audio either isn't keeping up or is a little ahead.

HDvid Codec Lite Pack 3.2.2
on 23 February 2013, reviewed by: George

This HDvid codec pack is really great. I am using this on my laptop. And it is quiet good. I've never experience problem playing my video's.

HDvid Codec Lite Pack 3.2.2
on 3 january 2013, reviewed by: Izzieq

Simply, the best, I have used it and x64 pack for years..

HDvid Codec Lite Pack 3.2.2
on 29 November 2012, reviewed by: Martin Kellogg

For me it's perfect. I have used HDvid codec pack for long time and already recommended to my friends many times. The problem is some file types can't be displayed with an icon. Just like the .MKV (Matroska) format, It uses the generic picture of WMP.

HDvid Codec Lite Pack 3.2.2
on 22 November 2012, reviewed by: padmasomu

excellent choice for ppl who wants all codecs in one pack . i have been trusting HDvid codec pack for years and i cant stop using it.

amazing combination keep it up and thx for spending your time for us we really appreciate it.

HDvid Codec Lite Pack 3.2.2
on 17 November 2012, reviewed by: RIZWAN

Just try it for yourself. You have nothing to lose. The uninstall is very clean.

HDvid Codec Lite Pack 3.2.2
on 27 October 2012, reviewed by: Bill

well it's handy n good one.

whatever, i've got problem with FLAC sound. The solution just to turn it on in ffdshow audio menu.

HDvid Codec Lite Pack 3.2.2
on 22 July 2012, reviewed by: Brian

HDvid Codec Lite Pack 3.2.2 Full

this is simply the best codec pack available.it took me hardly seconds to overcome the problem of player different files in wmp 11.

HDvid Codec Lite Pack 3.2.2
on 3 July 2012, reviewed by: Killy

Just one small inconvinience. It doesn't show thumbnails for all file types on my system (Win7 x64)
Same instalation shows thumbnails on other systems without a problem.

HDvid Codec Lite Pack 3.2.2
on 25 March 2012, reviewed by: Dano

Translations from MPC-HC are only included in the Mega codec pack, not in Full and Standard.